some secrets are better left undiscovered

28 August 1980
While I'm trying to post here more often again, I'm not nearly as active as I used to be. You can find me active most days over on my Tumblr.

I'm very interested in people's philosophies, I like to think about what drives me as a person and I encourage others to do the same. (This changes over time, as we grow and learn and so I'm never quite done thinking about it.) Also, if you're looking to add me, this might be helpful to understand what you're getting into: About Me.

Or you could always just go the 'High Fidelity' route and judge me by what I like: my Amazon wishlist.

Also, I talk about books a lot. I try and keep those things memoried. Interested in what I like/read? Find me on GoodReads
You can also check out any books I'm giving away on BookMooch
And if you're interested in journaling & books, check out my new project Read Books, Will Journal a journal project for avid readers.

I am a writer and an artist. I do a bit of web design work for friends (and people that are willing to pay me). I play a lot of video games and occassionaly I used to review them over at Gaming Angels (and was the Editor-in-Chief there for about 8 years. I'm currently the Director of Education at Gamers Against Bigotry. I roleplay the old-school pen & paper tabletop games like Warhammer Fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder. You can find me playing online in the Dragon Age world at Unbound

Expect to see a lot of all of the above if you decide to add me. About friending/de-friending: I don't have a policy on either per-se. Feel free to add me if all of the above sits okay with you. I'm likely to add you back if you seem like an okay person. If you defriend me, I'll probably do the same to you. Don't take it personally, and I'll try to do the same. I take this same attitude with my Tumblr. I like to interact with people that are following me, and that I'm following. If you're not following me, it's hard to do that.

rotating, turning round, watching...waiting. seeing, and being, and never saying, you're just there. my shadow. always in orbit around me, afraid of hurting me. afraid to feel. to be.

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