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Freaky stuffs

The world of the internet is so very odd, and so very cool, and all sorts of things all at the same time. I love having a place to go and talk to friends with out worrying about any such weirdos as you find elsewhere, or even in real life. Like at school. Hiya Blitzie! Done with that now...

In other news...neither roll of film I took today turned out right. Damn the stupid photography class and their stupid assignments and the crappy film I bought. It's getting so very tireing to constantly have ruined batches of film or photos for that class.

And on the continued school rant...WTF is up with Donna? Did she go completely insand in the past sememester or two and forget all about us students that were Graphic Design majors before there was such a thing? I think so. Going BACK OVER my audit for the fall, which I WILL GRADUATE...I still need another Art class because things are not counting under the correct places...sheesh...

And my GOD who does the scheduling for these things. What a waste of my time. And why doesn't Introduction to Programming count as a science class? Intro to computers does. But not programming. That sucks. I'm taking Environmental Biology AND Astronomy in the same sememster. Suckage. I Loathe Science.

School sucks. Cars suck. My life right now sucks. I have to be a cashier tomorrow. Crap.