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Fixer of all moronic problems...

I'm getting so tired of working for a bunch of imbecilic morons that don't know what they're doing, and are getting paid to show up and demonstrate their lack of knowledge on a daily basis. I swear if someone doesn't change my nametag, I'm going to...it will read
CopyMax Maid...
and Fixer of all Moronic problems

I'm too keyed up to actually comment on the inherent laziness that my co-associates exhibit, lets just say soon, very soon, I may not have to deal with them any longer, if tomorrow goes badly for them. Our regional director's boss is coming in personally to see to some specific problems in the CopyMax area. yay!
In other news...wait, today was Presidents day, and there is no other news. Ah, perhaps I will sleep.

I'm Sarah!

I'm Sarah. I'm imaginative and creative, though a bit of a brat sometimes. If I use my wits, I'll get what I want. Nobody has power over me!

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I don't like this result...but I suppose it's true...

If I were a Tetris block, I would be a Cube-Shaped Tetris Block!

Functional. Practical. Boring.

I am astonishingly reliable and mind-numbingly dependable. You can count on me to be exactly the same, all the time.

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Until tomorrow...