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Cue tragic musaak.

"One day more....One more day..."

Why is it that I hate the place so much, but I'm most positive that when I leave tomorrow I'll be crying? That can't be normal. It just can't. They owe me a month and a half worth of retroactive bonus pay, which I know I won't get. They treat me like I don't know how to do my job, meanwhile hoping that I won't leave, because no one does it as good as I do. Not one of the managers has said anything about tomorrow being my last day. That disappoints me, and pisses me off, and makes me sad. Four years, and nothing but a few tears and a friend or two to show for it. Speaking of which, miss Lisa came back from her Italian vacation, and brought me a nifty dangly seashell necklace. I'll try and take some decent pictures of it later...I really rather like it. Plus, suprise presents are always good.

I'm thinking I want to get out to Worlds of Fun this year. I haven't been since my brother's fourteenth birthday, and I really miss the rollercoasters and stuff. I don't miss the crowds and the sticky streets, but it would still be fun to go out for a couple hours before the weather gets really craptastically hot and humid. I'm thinking I might just buy two tickets and take Matt this weekend. Not sure he likes rollercoasters though, probably should ask first. If not, I'll just drag Anjie out there.

And speaking of my non-dating non-boyfriend, we are going to have to figure out what the hell exactly. I'm tired of this quasi-shit that confuses the hell out of me. We're not dating, but he wants to kiss and hold hands. We haven't met each other's friends or parents...or done anything with anyone else, but each other, and even those little mini dates are only a few hours long.

I'm headed over to Anjie's for dinner, I think we're going to finish off season two of the Soprano's tonight. I'm really liking that show. It's fun.