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Pleasant weather we're having yearling...

Aww crap. A beautiful way to start an entry I'm sure.

So I was picked up from work, and nice thing. Taken to a pretty park with walking trails that we hiked along for over an hour...tried to let go to some of those defenses I've been keeping up so far. Which means he succeeded at one little thing, once. Once. And guess what I felt? Absolutely nothing. The biggest piles of shimmering nothing you've ever seen. But I didn't know how to explain it, and wasn't really sure I wanted to, so I just didn't. We sat again at the end of the trail and talked some more. And then we went to Barnes and Noble and scouted around for various books and such.

Bought what I think will be a really nifty book about Slavic myths. And finally found the Tori Amos cd I was looking for before...
Also bought a really nifty book on egyptian amulets and other such fun things.

And then it was over. Went to my car, said goodbye and drove to Anjie's. We've been working our way steadily through the first season dvds of Angel. Trying to get all caught up on all the information we missed out on before this past season. Anyway. All in all, it was at least an interesting evening...neither good nor bad...pleasant but oddly offpissing.

Yes I know I'm full of lovely contradictions.