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If he's smart he will.

Still nothing from Matt. I don't like this...he might call shit. I don't wait patiently, and I went over that with him. Waiting makes me less interested...not more. But enough about that. At this point I've decided I'm not sure I care enough...

Worked a long ass day, and I'm tired now. But I'm going over to Anjie's for dinner here in a bit. Went to Emily's graduation party after my day at work...saw her and Nick, who are both oddly excited about the idea of Matt and I. The fact that Nick was even interested scares me. Just a bit.

Went out with Jessica last night. Yes, I really needed something to do that badly. But I decided something when I was talking to her last night, that I hadn't really realized before. You know it's really nice sometimes to be able to talk with someone that knows everything about you from when you were a kid until now. It makes converstations so much more fun and interesting...because everything is based on what you already know as truth about the other person...there's no guessing left. I guess the whole Matt thing made me enjoy not having to explain everything to someone. I mean, I really enjoy hanging out with Anjie, but I've only known her a few months, and there are still a lot of things that we don't know about each other, and sometimes it's just really tiring to have to explain something about my past...or her past to make the other one understand. With Jessica we know all that stuff about each other...that only a really close friend that you've had for a really long time can know...it puts everything you talk about in perspective because you understand why they do that...or say that...
Or something. I'm rambling because I'm hungry. I had a bit of Chinese this afternoon for lunch, but nothing else, and I wasn't eating much, because I went to lunch with Tanner, and we spent most of our hour talking. He's a cool guy.