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It's about time, thanks brain.

A big thanks to Joss for seven beautiful seasons of Buffy. Now it's over, and I'm sad, but happy about the ending. Better than expected, definitely.

Anjie and I went shopping for shoes before the series finale. I bought some new sandals. Which is good because i just used the old falling apart ones to crush a humongous spider on the wall.

Talked to Matt this evening. I wasn't going to do it, but my brain just wouldn't shut up no matter how much I told it too. No amount of music was making it go away...so we met up and talked for a few minutes. I explained to him the basic ramblings of my mind...no touching as a #1 rule. He seemed to take it all in stride, even if he didn't understand, and by force of habit still tried to touch me when I was leaving...

I love it when my brain is quiet. Peacefully, blissfully quiet. *sigh*

edit: i like this results...
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