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i don't remember moving superman

My desk is full of toys, including a funko superman figure. Only he's been moved and I don't remember moving him. I think I must have, but when? Or why? I only just now noticed and it's creeping me out. *carefully moves him back*


I came here to talk about the same thing everyone else is talking about: end of the year/beginning of 2014 stuff. Tomorrow, when I have more time, I'm going to talk about Yuletide. Plus, it'll be hard for me to talk about Yuletide without talking about the thing I wrote for Yuletide because this was a weird year for me, Yuletide-wise.

2013 has been a mixed-bag. On the heels of what was an awful, horrible, no good year (2012) it's understandable that 2013 had to work out some of the kinks before it could get better. And it did. And then it didn't. But it's ending on a good note I think.

I don't typically make resolutions, not in the 'it's January and I should change my life via this 10 point list of things I've never done before' sort of way anyhow. Of course there's always stuff to improve or change, but January doesn't necessarily make it easier to do than February or August. But, I do think about how I want to capture my life in the new year, if that makes sense. So I reconsider the notebook I take with me everywhere: do I want a new one, do I want to change how I use it? That sort of thing. A few weeks ago I came across a method of journaling/task-listing that I want to try in the new year: http://www.bulletjournal.com/ It's pretty close to how I already do things, and gives me a good excuse to start a new journal (I've had the same huge book in my purse since 2009, I think it's time to start a new one).

I also want to better track my word count this year, which might change where I keep track of my writing since I don't have access to gdocs (or any shared doc site) from work. The way I wrote was little scattered this year so I want to improve that so I avoid the giant void where I'm not writing anything other than RP posts for months at a time. ushobwri and getyourwordsout should help some with my writing goals.

And this isn't really a resolution or tracking or anything, but in the last month or so, I've started doing a lot of sudoku puzzles during my lunch break. I started because inside these little box meals I get for work, there's a puzzle on the cardboard box. I ignored them for the longest time and then on a whim I did one, thought it was pretty easy and did it again the next day. Decided to get an app on my iPad and then my phone and now I'm looking forward to the calendar Matt got me for Christmas which is basically a page-a-day sudoku. So maybe I'll improve my brainpower a little this year. I've already peeked at one of their 'very hard' puzzles and it is exactly that.


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Dec. 31st, 2013 09:12 pm (UTC)
Oh goodness, that is totally creepy, the superman thing. O_o

So... I'm dropping by to wish you a great 2014. :)
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