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My head hurts so bad this morning. Like I don't even have words to tell you how much. It's just pounding and it hurts to move my eyes or really any of me at all, and I'm a little nauseous. My whole body was definitely ready for it to be Saturday this morning, not Friday. I think I will likely spend some time in the quiet room, or my car around lunch time. Or if the weather starts getting bad like they're calling for, I might go home early -- that's not the desired outcome, but it might be best.

Anyway. On to:
The Friday Five

1. What is your favorite holiday?
My Birthday. That counts right? Halloween and Christmas would come close after. In fact, when we were in the planning stages, Matt and I almost settled on getting married on Halloween. But... it's his birthday, and it was a Monday, and so we settled on the day after.

2. Do you send holiday cards?
I try to. Some years I'm better at it than others. This year, I didn't get cards together in time. I barely got my Christmas decorations out, and they're only up because Matt put them up while I made Christmas crafts last weekend.

3. What has been your favorite holiday gift to date?
My former aunt used to give me books every year for Christmas when I was younger. I still have the collection of American Girl books she gave me (I have three? Felicity books, and the first Kirsten book.) I mean, I never got into the AG stuff other than the books, but I still keep them around. Maybe that's a weird gift to say is my favorite... it's not those specifically, but the books and the thought that went into picking them specifically.

4. Do you have a favorite cold weather drink?
Hot chocolate/cocoa. No marshmallows though, gross.

5. Do you do charity work during the holidays?
I have. We do try to participate in some sort of charity like the Project for Awesome, or Child's Play. Usually wherever I'm working also has some charity work days like wrapping gifts or adopting a family for the holiday.