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Dec. 9th, 2013

Things I can't get enough of lately (and would link you to if I could right now):

"Gay Pirates" by Cosmo Jarvis.  Look it up on YouTube, it's a love song about, you guessed it, gay pirates.  It's catchy as hell, and there's a good video to go with it.

"Bandit" by Orla Gartland.  Also on YouTube, a catchy song that's pretty much a perfect theme song for my old Warhammer character, Captain Katrina VanLuen.  It's lovely.

The new musical by Team Starkid, Twisted: the untold story of a Royal Vizier.  If you don't know Team Starkid, then you need to get ye to the old YouTubes immediately.  Start with A Very Potter Musical, and work your way up to Twisted.  You can thank me later.  If you're already a fan but haven't watched Twisted yet, do it.  It's hilarious and the songs are great.  If you don't know, or can't tell by the title, Twisted is basically an AU of Aladdin where Jafar is the main character and Aladdin is pretty much a villain.  There's a TON of great Disney references, worth the two-ish hours to watch.

Also if you're looking for new music to listen to, check out Capital Cities.  I don't have a great comparison for them, Imagine Dragons maybe.  I've seen them dubbed as electro-pop, I guess that's a close description.  You've likely heard "Safe and Sound" but I don't think that song is the best indication of what they're like.  Alternatively, if you like country-ish music check out The Grisly Hand, they're local to me and I think they're really great.

I just finished listening to Allison Hewitt is Trapped by Madeline Roux, a zombie novel told in blog posts.  It was good, slow at times, and I'm not sure I like how quickly the ending wrapped up, but that's a problem I have with a lot of novels.  I picked up the third White Trash Zombie novel and am currently listening to that.  They're popcorn lit, fun and lighthearted and decently written.  There probably won't be a fourth until next year, but in November I managed to pick up quite a few cheap books on Audible, so I have more to keep me busy after this one.

I've also started a complete rewatch of the Charmed series on Netflix.  Let me tell you, late 90s, early 00's fashion is pretty laughable.  I'm really having a great time watching back through the series.  Tonight I'll probably finish season 3, which is the Cole season -- god I love Julian McMahon.  Watching him makes me highly interested in rewatching Nip/Tuck after I finish Charmed (although I still have five more seasons of it to go).  You know watching Charmed also makes me miss shows like Buffy and Dark Angel, Witchblade, Birds of Prey, Alias - those 90s/00s shows with female leads that were focused on the women being powerful and badass, and ocassional worried about their relationships, but weren't defined by them.  I think Nikita and Lost Girl might be the best we have today, but it's certainly not as prevelant as it was then.  It's amazing Charmed was around for eight seasons.  Truly.

This week I start the great handmade Christmas gift creation! I've been working on a baby blanket during Charmed, but there's a ton of small gifts I need to put together to send out to people too.  So, as soon as all the ingredients are gathered (tonight after work), I'll start putting things together.  I'm going old-school with some stuff too -- salt-dough items and cinammon ornaments.  At least my house will smell nice while I work.