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buying nothing

Cyber Monday. The day I'm not buying a darned thing except for dinner.

We have given all our thanks for this holiday -- three dinners down and a billion Christmases to go.  We had a nice day with friends yesterday at out house, which is always my favorite of the holiday meals.  Mostly because Matt cooks good food, and it's nice to hang out at my house and chill with friends.  I like being with my families for the holidays, the challenge is not the few hours I spend with them, but WHICH few hours I spend with them, because it inevitably means I'm missing those same hours at someone else's house.  It works out okay, and people don't so much mind (or at least they understand), but still...

The downside to having everyone over for seven hours or so on a Sunday is that it's just mentally exhausting.  Even when it's nice to have friends around, I can only really safely handle people for a few hours at a time.  Add to that the few hours cleaning before people showed up and the day of cleaning and organzing on Saturday and I really could've used the day off today just to make up for our last Thanksgiving.

I do think I sort of have a handle on Christmasy type things this year.  I'm going to get the decorations out toni- tomorrow night probably and put them up while the living room is still clean.  We've purchased about half of our family gifts and I've started knitting on the ones I'm going to knit.  I haven't figured out the crafty part of the rest of the handmade gifts though... so there's still some I need to figure out.  Plus, there's always like that one person (Matt's dad) that's impossible to shop for.  So, we'll have to figure out that and the few other gifts we need to get still.

Sunday I'm having an Arbonne party for my step-sister so she can maybe pick up some sales before the holiday.  I love the stuff I've bought from them so far, and I know I have a small wishlist for this weekend.  Hopefully some of that can be subsidised by the party since some of what I want to buy is also going to be Christmas presents.  I don't normally do these party type things, but I feel like I go to enough of them hosted by other people I could get away with doing one.  Especially if it's a company I actually like the products from.  When my mom had hers, I bought one of their skin care lines (mostly because I was almost out of everything I normally use) and I've really been liking it.  In fact one of them has actually been helping the scar I have on my eyebrow, it's not as deep or noticeable as it once was.  I'm not huge into skin care and makeup/beauty regimens and all that, but as I've gotten older I have picked up a few things.  I might not have another Arbonne party ever again after Sunday, but I'll probably still keep using their stuff.  Has anyone else ever tried their stuff?