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a mighty need

I came out of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode wanting one thing (aside from Moffet to stop using time paradoxes to zero-sum all his plots), more Ten. Maybe it's true that you always love your first Doctor more than the others. Or maybe it's just that I adore Tennant's portrayal more for another reason, but I didn't realize how much I missed him as the Doctor until we got to see him again. I desperately wanted at least one moment where he and Rose/Bad Wolf/The Moment got to interact. But the scene of him with the screwdriver where she's at his side, and then again when he's like Bad Wolf...?, those were good moments. The closest we got, and not nearly enough, but good nonetheless.

As for the rest of the episode... man, I hope Moffet passes the writerly reins to someone else soon. Sometimes he gets it right and he gives us interesting, heartbreaking stories like with the end of the Ponds. The rest of the time he creates these zero-sum plots that are so massive, but ultimately mean nothing. BECAUSE TIMEY-WIMEY. *shrugs* I'd just like to see what someone else does with it now. (I'd also like someone at the helm that doesn't find the idea of a female Doctor laughable.)


We're in another round of silence from the kids. We had two weekends in a row at the where we got to see her, and she was answering texts and talking to us. And now it's no-response-ville again. With the holidays coming on, I hoped we could spend some time together, maybe have them out to our meal on Sunday, or get them to show up at one of the grandparents places. It's unlikely, but I continue to hope. I mean, sometimes I wonder why I hold onto that hope with her. It does nothing but hurt me. It's not for me, I guess? And I also wouldn't know how to do anything else.


My hope to write a bunch in November fell away pretty quickly. I was ahead of the NaNo wordcount for about a week and I'm still writing, but far more slowly. In part, I lost momentum, and once that goes it's really hard to find motivation. It's not a lack of words either, when I do sit down intent to write something, the words come quickly. It's just making myself do it that's gotten harder. And I know with winter and the holidays it's only going to get harder. I have a lot of winter knitting to do -- baby blankets and stuff for my SIL, fingerless gloves for my MIL and slippers for my step-mom. Plus a round of crafting for gift exchanges. Add to that the two fandom gift exchanges... (and running one of them) it'll be a wonder if I finish anything at all.

Even my reading has slowed down. I haven't finished the last two Sedaris books I have (though I'm finding it hard to care about them). I finished Allegient (which I enjoyed even if most of the fans are whining about the ending). But, other than that I've only finished audiobooks of late because they require little effort. After I finished Anne Hathaway's version of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (which was entirely adorable), I listened to the second white trash zombie book, Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues by Diana Rowland and Discount Armageddon by Seanan McGuire. I still haven't gone back and finished Chuck Wendig's Blue Blazes but I probably should before the end of the year.


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Nov. 26th, 2013 05:42 pm (UTC)
I hear you about the not reading as much etc. I'm on bedrest so hypothetically I have all the time in the world...but I can't bring myself to do any reading. I have a baby sweater half done and now I have carpal so I can't finish it, I feel so discouraged lately.

I hope Thanksgiving is a wonderful weekend for you, full of family and joy....and turkey (and sweet potatoes...mmmmmmm sweet potatoes...or apple pie too..... on man why does the Canadian Thanksgiving have to be gone already...I want a big turkey dinner now....oh gravy...yes lots of gravy.)
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