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missed / opportunity

There is an event at a library this weekend with John Green and Rainbow Rowell as speakers and I badly wanted to go. I waited to check to make sure my friend could (and did) grab a ticket before getting mine and when I went to buy mine last night they were sold out. *cries* I was so excited to meet Rainbow and have her sign Fangirl for me. Plus, I was going to get one of my remaining two unsigned John Green books signed. This is what I get.

In other news, despite the fact that I need another project like I need a hole in the head, especially with all the holiday things coming up, I started one anyway. I discovered (when I went searching for one) that there is no such thing as a kink meme for Dracula -- not the new one, not the books, not any interpretation of Dracula ever. This saddens me, especially since I'd like to hop aboard the Mina/Lucy train and write some things. All the things.

I'm a giver, this is what I do. So I decided to fix it. draculakink

There's nothing there yet but there will be tonight I think. There was going to be last night, but I fell asleep on the sofa after a long night of.. playing games online for my audience of three.

For November, I didn't make any sort of official decision to do this I just started and then decided to keep going, I'm writing a bunch of dragon age stuff on what is close to a NaNo schedule. I'm just slightly ahead already. It's not really FOR anything, just short kmeme prompts that I can write in a day or two that help me work on a few things. It's a chance to interact with a fandom that's BONKERS right now without actually attaching my name to anything, it's really, really good practice not on writing (that too though) but on short story arcs. In my original stuff last month, I'd been struggling with how to break things down in certain places. This is giving me a good way to figure those things out. Plus, it's also preparing me to write my Yuletide fic, which needs to be kind of dark, so I'm working my way up to it through kmeme fics. Trawling for prompts gave me the idea to look for something Dracula related, hence finding there was nothing and starting one. I'm pretty sure there's a Pacific Rim one... I might touch that too.