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a weary world

Beats Antique has a new album out based on the Hero's Journey, called A Thousand Faces.  I haven't listened to much of it yet, but I'm definitely interested in it, since this was an album they Kickstarted.  Plus, over the summer, the troupe's Fringe show that I narrated was ALSO based on the Hero's Journey, so the coincidence of these things in pretty interesting to me.

Also out today is part one of the new Fables game, The Wolf Among Us. I really want to check it out, because in the past I've actually really enjoyed Telltale's brand of games.  But I'm not a huge fan of buying games like that one installment at a time.  I might wait a bit on it and then just watch people's reactions jealously.  :D

Yesterday, I was pulled into my manager's office with the preface of "I don't want you to feel weird about this", which of course meant I felt weird about it.  But, I've been told that (even though it's not blocked and they don't plan on blocking it), they want me not to go to Tumblr anymore when I'm at work.  This pretty much leaves me no personal outlet at work other than using my work email, which I've only given to two people.  Pretty much any webmail site is blocked, even the Tumblr inbox got caught by the blocking software every now and then.  I also can't get to my google drive, or any sort of site where I might be able to write anything is also blocked.  It's really frustrating.  I understand some of the levels of security to a point, but also just really, really frustrated by them.  I've taken to writing long-hand at work when I have the time, but it's harder to do.  I get lost easier when I'm writing by hand and have to stop a lot.  Plus, I just don't feel like I write as fast and I don't like having to type it all out again later either.  *grumbles*  It's just frustrating.  Really, I didn't so much mind being told not to use Tumblr - a lot of their security precautions make sense based on the type of company I'm working for now - I'm still just frustrated by how uncertain this job is, and how bored and underutilized I am there.

My boss keeps hinting at how she wants to keep me around, and how I'll be around after this new project/program launches, but that's never a certainty.  I've heard it before at contract jobs, and things don't always work out.  Not doing any report or development work is going to hurt if I have to look for a job again in six to nine months, if I can last that long without bashing my head against the keyboard from cleaning up spreadsheets all day every day.  BUT, I do like my manager, and I feel like if I did get to stick around long enough to be made an employee, that she'd probably help me figure out where else in the company I could work.  Or, maybe let me figure out how to work my way up to manager.  I haven't had a manager on my side in a long time and it feels nice, and not something I want to just give up for another contract job.

Ps.  Did anyone watch American Horror Story: Coven?  If not, and you're thinking about it?  MAJOR trigger warning for that first episode.  Just why does Ryan Murphy hate women so much?
I didn't watch OUAT: Wonderland yet, but I'm thinking about it.  Thoughts?


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Oct. 11th, 2013 04:19 pm (UTC)
OUAT: Wonderland - I kinda feel like the names in the cast list that impressed me are possibly wasted. It doesn't help that the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland movie already covered some of this ground (kickass warrior Alice brought back to a darker Wonderland), and some of the CG looked really, really fake. I was okay with the hyper-saturated colors (loved that look in Pushing Daisies!) and I could maybe buy the argument that some of the fakery is a deliberate attempt to evoke picture-book imagery, but it... didn't work for me.

We're still going to give the show a chance, even though we're not normally fans of the Epic Romance genre.

Daniel and I went into the show without knowing much about it, so we were delighted/horrified by Naveen Andrews as Sexy Dangerous Jafar.
Oct. 11th, 2013 05:34 pm (UTC)
My issue with Wonderland, is that it seems to be following the same hooks as OUAT. Swap in Emma with Alice and you can kind of do the same thing with Henry/Sirrus. QoH is def a crappier version of Regina and really weak even in her own kingdom. Jafar is kind of laughable. The Knave looks so much like Jake Gyllenhal I kind of want to punch him.

It's campy as hell, but not good campy? And again they seem to be sac'ing the CG budget for the QoH's dress budget like they do for Regina's in OUAT.

Wonderland feels more like the creators were all "Hey we don't know how to fit Aladdin or Alice into OUAT so let's give them their own show just like it." The "just like it" part is really obvious.
Oct. 13th, 2013 08:38 pm (UTC)
I caught the first epsode of AHS: Coven. I liked it. New Orleans & Witches... what's not to love.
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