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DABB Mix: Your Kingdom Come (Dragon Age)

A fanmix for shadoedseptmbr's Dragon Age Big Bang fic, "This is My Kingdom Come".

Summary: In the wake of the Landsmeet, Alistair and Melisande Cousland struggle to come to grips with their decisions and duties and meet the Blight.

  1. Maria Mena - A Few Small Bruises
  2. Tina Dickow - Open Wide
  3. Paper Route - Second Chances
  4. Sarah Fimm - Afraid
  5. Charlotte Martin - Steel
  6. Good Old War - Stay By My Side
  7. Sara Bareilles - Say You're Sorry
  8. Cold - Happens All the Time
  9. Alex Clare - I Won't Let You Down
  10. To/Die/For - I Just Want You

Download the mix from my site here(right click, save as, please)
Individual songs can be uploaded upon request
Listen here 8tracks)


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Feb. 11th, 2013 07:55 am (UTC)
Master Post: This Is My Kingdom Come by shadoedseptmbr
User shadoedseptmbr referenced to your post from Master Post: This Is My Kingdom Come by shadoedseptmbr saying: [...] Art:Cherith's fanmix and covers [...]
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