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Story Title: In the Catalogue of Common Things
Pairing(s): Bethany Hawke / Teagan Guerrin
Major Characters: Bethany Hawke, Teagan Guerrin
(Also starring: Merrill, Carver Hawke and Cullen; offscreen: Isabela)
Rating: Mature / Explicit (Mature Story, Explicit Epilogue)
Warnings: drinking, age differences, devastatingly handsome and nerdy professors, offscreen: Varric and the Biancas
Artist #1: meagkhan
Artist #2: scarele

Summary: Modern Day AU. Professor Teagan Guerrin has a very set idea for how things in his life are supposed to be. Like the fact that his time to fall in love is long past. Bethany Hawke has been his TA for the last four years and now she’s about to graduate. Circumstances find both of them in the same bar one night two months before graduation, and long harbored attractions come to light.

Notes: I owe a huge debt of thanks to minorearth, who not only tackled the ginormous job of moderating the Dragon Age Big Bang for us, but also helped spawn my entire story idea. Without her, this story would not exist. She constantly fosters my love of Teagan and I owe her a lot more than this story for that. <3

I also want to thank my two wonderful artists: meagkhan and scarele who made such awesome things to go with this story. I know it’s not everyone’s idea of an adorable pairing and it means a lot that they chose me to art for.

Lastly, but not least, I want to thank my wonderful beta tklivory who spent a lot of time correcting all of my misplaced punctuation. I really appreciate all the hard work she put into making sure my story looked presentable today.

Link to the Story: Part One | Part Two
Link to Art by Meagkhan: [here] (NSFW)
Link to Art by Scarele: [here]