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MEBB Mix: Hell's Hero (Mass Effect)

Fanmix for the story Turnaround by opalgirl28. I really wanted this story because of the topics it addresses. I listed the warnings from the author below because they're important. But, I think it's a fascinating story and I enjoyed mixing for it.

Warnings & Summary
Fic addresses mental illness and what kind of mental state Shepard might be in after ME3; I was writing from the perspective of Shepard. Nothing particularly graphic, but please heed this warning if you find mental illness/discussion of it/reading the reactions and thought processes of someone who is mentally ill triggering or otherwise upsetting.

Ada Shepard went into the final battle fully expecting to die, but when she wakes up in a military hospital on one of Jupiter's moons after a 'Destroy' ending, she has to come to terms with being alive in a post-Reaper world and face some of her old demons.


  1. Dropping Daylight - Answering Our Prayers
  2. 32 Leaves - Blood on my Hands
  3. Evans Blue - Live to Die
  4. Shinedown - Crying Out
  5. Simon Says - Deadweight
  6. Empires - Hell's Heroes
  7. Red Friday - Locked Away
  8. To/Die/For - Scar Diary
  9. Staind - Schizophrenic Conversations
  10. Ex-Voto - Slice of Life
  11. Arrows to Athens - The Waiting
  12. Killswitch Engage - Take Me Away

Download the mix from my site here (right click, save as, please)
Individual songs can be uploaded upon request