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I said I would post again when the story was over, and today it is.  I posted a big thing over at Tumblr a bit ago and I want to share it here too.  
I’m VERY HAPPY to see this story completed (for now) and have fallen in love with the Teagan / Cauthrien pairing.  

According to our Masterlist (yes, we have a writing masterlist), we started writing this on July 10th of this year.  We posted the first chapter on July 22nd at dearqueen when we had already let the story run away with us a bit and if I remember correctly, we already had five or six chapters worth of it written by then (in the first two weeks, we’d written nearly half of it).  In August, we slowed down a bit and over the other months we had two, two week hiatuses for various reasons, mostly school and work and just brain breaks for other stories.  

We finished writing the whole thing on October 26th and posted the last chapter today, November 4th.  That’s 108 days total for writing the whole thing - about three and a half months.  Our total story word count pre-editing was 118,112 words, edited down to the 99,400 words that finished today.  That’s a little over 1000 words a day - but to be very honest it was more like 5-10k in a day or two and then nothing for several days to a week or more.

This whole thing has been a pretty fantastic experience, and I know we’re both really happy that people like it as much as they do.  If you haven’t read it, now’s the chance, while we take a break to work on other things.  Because THERE WILL BE MORE of these two coming up.  

But, mostly, I’m just completely O.O about this whole thing: in writing something I like so much, writing with Seri whom I love so much, and writing SO MANY WORDS that I know we both feel were just barely edging everything we wanted to write about in WAR.  

All that to say this.  if you have read any part of WAR, THANK YOU.  AND I LOVE YOU.  Just, so much thanks for supporting our crazy story. 

Title: War is Never Cheap Here
Authors: cherith & serindrana
Game: Dragon Age: Origins
Pairing: Bann Teagan/Ser Cauthrien
Series Rating: NC-17/AO
Chapter Rating: T
Series Wordcount: 99,400
Chapter Wordcount: 6,822
Warnings: Problem drinking.
Summary: Bann Teagan has been corresponding on and off with the Lady Cousland for the past eight months; Queen Anora sends her watchdog, the dreaded Ser Cauthrien, to investigate. (Ao3) (FF)
Notes: War is Never Cheap Here will be updating weekly, on Fridays. Projected length is roughly ten to twelve chapters.
Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


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Nov. 5th, 2011 12:15 am (UTC)
Congrats you two. That's one epic achievement <3
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