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The late, late post

So, I wrote something last week and tried to email post, but apparently, that didn't work and the post got lost in the internet ether.

I started my new job two weeks ago, the Tuesday immediately after my last day at CenturyLink, which was a Friday. So, I basically had a three day weekend and then started working somewhere new. The job is pretty great so far, nice people, nice manager, better money. At the moment, it's only a three month contract, but I'm replacing someone who was a full-time employee, and the manager has already said she wants by January, my position to turn into something full-time. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that. Even if that doesn't happen, the experience here - I'm at Blue Cross Blue Shield - is going to be pretty great. In Kansas City specifically, having some sort of medical and/or insurance experience on your resume is a big plus. And, I've gotten at least three calls for different contract jobs since I started this one, which hopefully means there's a demand for people like me and that if I'm looking again in January, I won't be unemployed for long.

The other good news is that since I actually finished my last day of work at CenturyLink, I get paid out my severance package. It wasn't great and had I not found something, it would've only kept us afloat for about two months. But, having found something else right away, I know that we can set that money aside, until I find something we know is a bit more stable. And if I have to be off for a bit between jobs, we'll have that around. I know not everyone has that opportunity, so I'm very grateful for it.

This job does have sort of big restrictions on internet and time, so I've been in the office 5 days a week with only basic email access and whatever I can get to on my phone. In fact, the other day, a guy I work with got yelled at by a manager for even having his email open during the day. So there's a bit of an old company mentality, which I find a little discouraging this day and age. But it's not so horrible, it just takes a little getting used to. It also means, I'm really, really struggling with time management as I adjust to the new job and everything I need/want to get done in a day.

Like, finishing my originalbigbang story which is due soon. The story is /almost/ finished and about half edited. I'm banging my head in frustration at it though, because it's a very different writing style for me, but one I used because I felt it fit the story. Unfortunately, that means editing it has me tearing at my hair a little while I try to figure out what's necessary and what's not. I still also have to write the ending - and since I'm not yet quite sure HOW it ends, that's a problem. *shrugs* Nothing quite like a deadline to get me motivated.

I've got another post I want to do soon since we've had H at our house for two months now. And probably in the next day or so, I'll write something up for the Foster Years blog as well. We've had a few experiences as the honeymoon period wears off that's worth talking about.