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I've done some things

First things first - my Yahoo email account was hacked. It's an old account and I suppose it had to happen sometime. I've notified customer service and changed the password, but if you got something from me from a yahoo account, I apologize. Hopefully, I'll have it all sorted out here soon.

Now back to the post I started writing yesterday:

Over on Tumblr much like here on LJ, drabble type fanfiction requested by friends/followers whatever has been popular in the Dragon Age fandom (and others I'm sure). I've written a few, but I kept wishing there was more and didn't always want to wait on people to submit requests. So, I talked to martiniphilosph about it and asked if there was a way we could build a little javascript thing that would randomly assign pairings. I gave him a list to start with, he worked up the basic script and then I took it from there.

Yesterday, on Tumblr I tossed out the Dragon Age Random Pairing & Prompt Generator for character and suggestion help and got a pretty overwhelming response all things considered. I'm still adding to it, and making improvements. It's still pretty bare and simple, which is how I like it, though maybe I'll get the interest to actually put up a graphic or something. I've toyed with sticking an ad on it, since I know it's getting a lot of traffic, and I'm a about to be out of a job. But, for fandom, I just feel bad about putting an ad on it.

Anyway, late last night, I threw together a matching generator for Mass Effect though it's much less fleshed out than the Dragon Age one, being so new. Hopefully people will like that one as well.


Things to share: I know I've posted Bo Burnham stuff here before, but he's a comedian I really love. A very smart comedian, despite only being 20 years old. There's an interview with him up on the Nerdist.com that people should check out. Interview here.


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Sep. 21st, 2011 09:52 pm (UTC)
Sorry that happened to you. Mel and I did indeed get spams. I hope it gets sorted out for you soon.
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