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Living in much different times

We still have a 15 year old. So far, so good. I'll have more up on the Foster Years blog on things soon. I'm trying to be respectful of privacy and what not and if I talk about it here - I'd have the urge to do it less than anonymously as I probably should be - which is why I'm trying to keep it separate over there. But, feel free to ask if you have questions.


Our internet has been going in and out for about two weeks now. I've had both our modem and our cable box replaced (we thought the cable box was also having issues but they might be related problems) and it's still dropping at weird times and staying out for too long each time. I called, and was supposed to have an appointment today, but so far, no cable guy and his appointment time has come and gone. We're planning to leave here in a little bit, so I'm waiting to call until later tonight when I can schedule another appointment.

Right now, it's increasingly difficult to make plans for anything though when I'm trying to iron out plans for this weekend - which is PAX Prime. I'll be headed to Seattle Thursday afternoon and coming home on my birthday, Sunday, at like 6am, which is ridiculously early. However, this will mean, I'll get the best of PAX, and be home at a somewhat reasonable time on Sunday in order to enjoy some of my birthday with Matt and H.

On the writing front, since the novel isn't happening, I've turned my attention back to my originalbigbang which is probably where my attention should've been long before now. I'm about halfway done (I think, I hope) and I'm really pleased with what I've done so far, even though it's a big departure writing-wise from other stuff I've done. It's very stylistic - I wanted to try something new - but I like it and I hope other people will when it's finished. Hopefully I'll have enough time to get the second half done before the rough draft is due (I think with travel time, I will).


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Aug. 23rd, 2011 10:46 pm (UTC)
I missed the post saying that you had gotten the child. Sorry about that. Congratulations and I bookmarked your blog on the subject. I look forward to hearing about how it goes.

Do you get cable/internet through Time Warner? We do and their service has been going through occasional lapses for the last several weeks for us as well. It seems like every couple of weeks we'll have an internet outage that lasts eight hours or more.
Aug. 24th, 2011 12:50 am (UTC)

And yeah, we have Time Warner, and we do occasionally have trouble with them, but this has been pretty steady for the last two weeks - every day, sometimes multiple times a day. :(
Aug. 24th, 2011 03:41 pm (UTC)
I hope you have a great time out at PAX and Happy Birthday if I forget on Sunday (got 2 bday parties this weekend, one for my grandpa and the other for Toki because I've officially turned into "that" lady)! :D
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