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Best thing

So, I have a whole list of bad things I want to talk about after my good things post from the other day. However, despite this good news I want to share, yesterday was a pretty crap day for me. So, I'm trying to avoid thinking about the bad things (most of which are things I need to get done) for at least today to make up for yesterday. Anyhow.

The best news I have to share: WE PASSED.

Matt and I passed our state walkthrough yesterday. Which means, as soon as the paperwork is submitted, we're officially licensed foster parents. *HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF*

We heard such horror stories about how people rarely pass their first time through. And it's true, it's hard. We still have a few things we have to fix, but they weren't pressing items, so she passed us with notes on the things we need to adjust. I'm just... still so flabbergasted that we passed on the first try.

So. Next comes actually bringing in kids. I'm probably not going to post about every placement opportunity going forward. But, I will be putting up stuff on the Foster Years blog I have, if people are interested.


I don't do this often (in fact I don't know when I've ever done this) but on Tumblr today, I posted a request. As mentioned, I'm trying to get my head in the right place today - especially since I have to start looking for a job. Like now. So, I'm asking for some good things from my friends. Here's the request I posted on Tumblr:

Ask Me/ Tell Me/ Inspire Me
So, because I would like today to be a better day than yesterday was - I’m asking for some help. I would appreciate a little love - Ask me something fun, send me something fun, or try to inspire me a with fun idea to get me through the day.

(If the latter - I’ll do my best to share whatever comes of it.)

<3 In advance. (And thanks.)

Or, you can go read Chapter 4 of War is Never Cheap Here when it goes up at dearqueen or AO3 today.


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Aug. 13th, 2011 03:49 pm (UTC)
Hi E <3

I know jobs suck and all right now. <3 When I'm feeling defeated, which I have been lately also, I try to think of things that make me proud. What are three things you're very proud of in your life? They can be specific or general.

Also, I find this article very entertaining if you want an interesting read:

Also, I wanted to compliment how punctual and organized you are. I aspire to be that way in all aspects of my life also. You're a very great person to work under, honestly. <3
Aug. 15th, 2011 05:15 pm (UTC)
Thanks Vanessa. <3
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