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Not yet to 3k

So, I've been letting Google do it's uploady thing off and on over the past four or five days, and I'm close, but not quite to having 3k of my 9k+ song library uploaded. I can only imagine what this is doing for the people paid to analyze usage for Time Warner.

Matt and I went to see Steven Sonheim's Company last night. It's the current Broadway cast with NPH, Stephen Colbert, Christina Hendricks and Pattie LuPone. Can I just say - WOW. We got to see it because it's been shown down at the movie theater near our house. Tickets were more pricey than regular movie tickets, but considering the flight + tickets to NYC to see it, I'll take it. I was impressed by the whole thing, but holy Christina Hendricks man. Jaw to floor.

Speaking of music things. If you're interested in folksy indie type music, you should check out http://megankeely.bandcamp.com/ It's good stuff.

If you're not, but want something fun to listen to - the entire cast album for the Broadway show, The Book of Mormon is streaming over at Facebook. If you don't know, The Book of Mormon is a musical written by the guys responsible for South Park (plus Robert Lopez who did Avenue Q). This religious zealotry at it's funniest - and to be fair, it's really, really well done. This is not shock value theater. http://www.facebook.com/TheBookOfMormonOnBroadway


Yesterday I had to write an email about part of my current job responsibilities and it had to not sound like I was begging for my job, or like I didn't want to turn it over. I do want to keep my job, but I'm not going to force them to keep me. However, it is a salient point that without me, there's jobs that aren't going to get done (because they don't think they need to replace me at the moment). I sent the email out to my old supervisor who said it sounded good, factual and he managed to understand the point I was making. I sent it out to it's intended recipients, but haven't heard back. This is the first time I'm really making a case for them to keep me post September 30th, so I'm a little nervous. But, I've got time still and it's not stopping me from looking elsewhere.