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Troubling Dream

I have started the very time intensive task of uploading my 9k+ song library to Google Music. If they're going to give me the space, I'm going to use it. :)


Last night, I taught a sock class (my first class in like two months) and was exhausted when I came home. I ended up going to bed way early (for me) and then had a horrible night sleeping. It's been raining off and on here in KC all week, so my head is having a difficult time adjusting to the pressure changes. My head hurt in the night and gave me some pretty screwed up dreams and then woke me up about every two hours. Sometime around midnight I woke up after having a dream in which I found out that Matt and I had been placed on some sort of 'contention' list (doesn't exist) for people that want to adopt.

So the story in the dream went like this - I went to visit some friends I hadn't seen in several years (a gay friend and his partner). Many years back when I'd last seen them, according to my dream, Matt and I had helped them, by giving our recommendation, to adopt a baby girl. In the years since we'd seen them, they had broken up, and my friend's partner had given the girl up, and told some wild story to the social worker that meant anyone involved in the adoption were placed on some sort of 'contention list' (like a warning that those people shouldn't be allowed to adopt). When I found this out in the dream I pretty much went ballistic and beat the ever-loving crap out of this friend's former partner. Then I woke up because I'd pretty much worked myself up into an actual physical emotional state -- not just pissed in the dream.

Throughout the night, I was still so mad -- mostly at myself for having such a stupid dream -- that I kept waking up every two hours. Continuing to have a migraine throughout the night did not help matters either.

I hate those kinds of dreams.



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Jun. 18th, 2011 04:09 am (UTC)
Those dreams can mess you up for a while. Sorry you had to deal with it.
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