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Work and other updates

I just finished writing up a giant email to my new "supervisor" with all of my job responsibilities as well as the ones I'll be taking on for a guy that's leaving in 6 days. When I was finished I was both proud of everything I've been given, because it really is a lot. But, I was also disappointed because I do feel like it's a lot of things, and important things to the business at that, and they're just getting rid of me in three months. I know now that they've decided to keep the database I work with at least through next year, there's potential Sept. 30th won't be my last day. But still.

Also, I'm a little uncertain about my new "supervisor" (I say so with quotes because not only do I not trust him, but he's my boss in title only, they haven't changed the info with HR, and he has no idea how to actually manage me). I sent him all this information, but I feel like it's just going to go into a void and not be used to prove to anyone that what I do is worthwhile. In someone else's hands, it could be a pretty powerful advocate for my job. I just don't know who that person is (aside from myself). So, I kept the copy I sent off: 1) for proof that I sent it, and on this day and 2) so that when I figure out who best to give it to, I have it already and 3) for potential use when applying for jobs.

In other things.

I know I've mentioned my love for the comic, A Softer World here before. Well, there's been a ton of people using their comics for other things, most recently, Matt pointed me to this one: A Doctor World. It's pretty perfect.

Also, last week (or the week before, I can't remember) I got my Google Music invite, and I'm loving it. There's a GreaseMonkey script so that I can scrobble music from Google to Last.fm which makes me super happy (and one of the only reasons I have stuck with Google Music). So far, it's worked smoothly for me. I've uploaded all the music from both my work and home laptops. I haven't started uploading anything from my massive collection on my main PC because well, that's like 50+ gigs (I almost wrote giggles there) of music, and though it doesn't say there's a limit on GMusic, it does make me nervous. Though, no less nervous than having all my music on a 2 TB USB drive with no real backup. I just saw that there's a 20k song max on GMusic. Oh Happy Day.

Seriously, the thought of losing my music is enough to make me have a tiny panic attack. *deep breaths*

There's an Instant Mix option (sort of a Pandora type thing) where you pick a song and GMusic creates a 25 song playlist of songs that are similar. THIS IS HAPPY MAKING for music nerds like me. I suspect I'll be getting a ton of use out of it.