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Gaming Links and News

I have no idea how it escaped me to post this here. But, now that I'm thinking about it, I should do so.

Last week at GamingAngels we announced a scholarship for girls (ages 8 to 18) to go to National Computer Camp for a week (about a $1000 value). All the girls have to do is write an essay about their favorite video game an send it in to scholarship@gamingangels.com to enter. Entrants can be located anywhere in the world, but the essay has to be written in English, and travel arrangements are no provided.

This is one of the biggest things I think we've done since we launched the site, and one of the goals we've had for the past 6ish years. We want to offer more scholarships in the future -- anything we can do to help women get into the video game and technical sectors. There's more details on the website if you want to know more.


Also gaming related is a survey for a new game that's about to go into beta testing. A friend forwarded this to me, and asked if there are non-US people that can take the survey, that'd be a help. Head over here to take it, it only takes a few minutes.


Thinking about picking up LA Noire tonight. I haven't been playing anything else recently and would welcome a good new game to get lost in. I was hoping to pick it up on the PS3 because the Xbox version comes on 3 discs versus 1 disc, but with all the Playstation controversy lately, I don't think that's going to happen. So, I'll suffer through all the disc-changing.

And just for fun, I'm going to leave you with a link to the 8-bit version of the Murder She Wrote theme song. Enjoy!


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May. 19th, 2011 01:48 am (UTC)
I passed the survey onto my son despite the fact that he is in the us. He is a hardcore gamer, he built his own rig and everything.
May. 19th, 2011 04:28 pm (UTC)
Thanks, I think any little bit will help them.
May. 19th, 2011 08:59 am (UTC)
That's really awesome. I hope you a) get lots of entrants and b) are able to keep doing it in the future.
May. 19th, 2011 04:27 pm (UTC)
Thanks! We're pretty excited about it. I've been trying to spread the word everywhere I can, but there's a big difference between telling people online, and getting the people that actually need to know...to know.
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