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A scattered migraine-y update

So, I've got this link to NY Magazine: And I Should Know by Roseanne Barr. She's always been a favorite of mine, I mean, I wasn't quite old enough to know her stand-up before her TV show, but I do love it. And this article gives a whole new insight into her, her show, and some of the people in TV right now. Well worth the read.

I talked awhile back about the concert shadowfell and I went to where Beats Antique played. Dumptruck Butterlips was one of the 3 openers and were amazing. They don't have music for sale, yet, though I've been told they're going into the studio soon to make an actual record. However, that link up there, is to a recent live set they did, which has the same songs we heard during the Beats Antique concert -- so you can hear some of what we heard that night. Pretty cool.

Yesterday, I received an email with some Xbox LIVE points, and when I went to log into my account on Xbox.com, I found out my Windows Live ID has been blocked. Not sure what happened, or how, but I've spent the past two days trying to get it fixed. I can still sign into my Xbox, so I don't think it's been hacked -- but it's an old hotmail account, so I'm wondering if it got closed for inactivity or something. Problem is the Windows Live customer service is HORRIBLE. Xbox Support people are totally nice, and I've been chatting with one on twitter all day seeing if they can help me. For one, there's no phone number to contact if you have trouble with your Windows Live account. Apparently, you can call them, but they'll tell you can't help and that you have to do EVERYTHING on the help website. Which would be great if it worked. Took me three times before the reset password form would work, and I finished that around noon today, and still haven't heard back from anyone. Not happy.

The pulled muscle or whatever I did to my leg over the weekend, still isn't better. I'm really sad about missing what was supposed to be my first week back to dance class yesterday. And today, it hurt just as bad every time I walked, or stretched that muscle in any way. Hopefully, this doesn't take as long to heal as my foot has (which is fine now as long as I don't walk/stand on it for too long).


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May. 18th, 2011 07:23 pm (UTC)
They were awesome. Two of the girls are also hoop dancers, so during one song, they got hoops out and performed. I'm always thrilled to know we have such cool local talent. :) Look for videos of Ziggy's hoop dancing on YouTube - there should be one from our Warrior Weekend event recently.
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