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Link/Video Round-up

I've come bearing links today. Oh, and a video.

Alternet has two articles worth the read today. One, about the influence of a Indian, specifically Hindu, religion on modern-day religious (or non-religious as the case may be) thought. More on why "non-religious" (athiest, agnostic and humanist) is becoming a more popular preference

The other is about the Slut Walks that are sort of popping up all over the world and how women are trying not only to reclaim the word, but to take a stand against the victim blaming attitude that somehow anything other than the rapist is responsible for the rape of a woman.

For you TV fans, the LA Times has an interesting article about dramas on TV. Mostly, it reads (to me at least) as a indication of the stupidity of Network executives, and how they don't understand how to pit their hour-long dramas against the short-attention spans of the internet consuming populace. While cable networks seem content to turn out killer dramas (even if they're not high on live airing numbers) the regular networks seem completely confused. I'm definitely not going to be disappointed if we lose another cop show (like Chicago Code or Blue Bloods) but it's obvious that they don't know how to use new media (iTunes, Hulu, On Demand) to their advantage.

In Politics: The HRC site has a form you can fill out to add your name to the petition to House Speaker John Boehner about the bill to repeal DADT. Here.

Oh, oh, oh! And the "race against time" to reissue Pink Floyd albums. Their reasoning is kind of stupid -- in a, oh if we want people to buy a physical item we should do it now before people don't care anymore, sort of way. But, I'm kind of excited about the idea of not only retooled songs, but extra fun recording bits from the band. Apparently, the giant 4 cd collections released by The Beatles have been forgotten - you know the ones with all the studio recordings and the guys talking before and after songs (what fans wanted and didn't get, according to this article, when they redid their albums in '09.

And a video:

And then another video to hopefully help you smile today. :)

If you don't like that one - try out one of the Improv-a-ganza episodes from the Game Show Network. They have Matt and I crying some nights they're so funny. My favorite skit so far.


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