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From Twitter 05-05-2011

  • 11:15:14: RT @gamedames: We are still taking contest submissions! Win some @itsgeekchic cosmetics! Listen to episode 12 for details. www.gamedames.com
  • 11:16:42: Hello new desktop wallpaper! RT @pkollar: We've also posted the first screenshot for Assassin's Creed Revelations: http://bit.ly/j3dL6l
  • 13:05:24: @the1germ I like Wordpress a lot. But, for a ton of reasons I'll always keep my LJ.
  • 16:15:17: Ooh, the sky is looking dangerous all of a sudden.
  • 17:20:14: @missdjm Kids that are currently in Foster Care cost little or nothing to adopt (just legal fees depending on your state).
  • 17:27:27: @missdjm Not true. Each state has different laws, but being married isn't really part of the consideration.
  • 17:36:46: @missdjm No problem -- I'm going through the process now, so I've got lots of info on my hands. :)
  • 17:37:26: RT @troupeduende: Haven't signed up for Warrior Weekend yet?! Better hurry! The Eventbrite closes tomorrow... http://fb.me/WOvUDHCt

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