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From Twitter 04-30-2011

  • 00:35:43: @to_paraphrase I had the same -- oh so this is Terminator now? -- type thought. :)
  • 00:39:20: @to_paraphrase I think that's part of what made me think that originally - before I saw the date.
  • 02:40:37: I did not mean to be so negative this week. Promise!! GamingAngels Weekly Roundup Episode 4 – GamingAngels http://t.co/Em2IKv6
  • 02:43:59: @kweenie :P
  • 02:45:35: @kweenie *nods* Including the accidental end...oh we should be done now. :)
  • 02:48:18: @kweenie Haha! Do you listen to these after the fact? I mean more than just a few minutes worth anyway?
  • 02:52:17: @kweenie My own voice creeps me out. So, I don't ever listen to more than a few minutes. (good sales pitch btw for listening. :p)
  • 02:52:53: @geekyjessica I Netflixed Avalon High like the first day it was available. (Super lame. Me, not the movie.)
  • 02:53:44: @kweenie Haha, no I mean me. Listen to our podcast, but my voice creeps me out! :)
  • 02:56:38: @kweenie Well, I do like your little thing at the end. But no, laughing at myself.
  • 02:58:49: @kweenie I just think I use weird inflections, when I talk which sound like a whole different person mid-sentence. It's weird to me.
  • 03:00:39: @geekyjessica Definitely not! I also Netflixed entire seasons of Wizards of Waverly place. The Disney channel is a guilty pleasure. :)
  • 03:01:16: Time Warner needs to get on the HBO Go bandwagon. I feel left out.
  • 03:01:58: @kweenie I feel like I should be desensitized to the difference, and if I'm talking normally, that doesn't bother me.
  • 03:02:53: @kweenie But, inflections and changes in pitch bug me because I know I do it a lot, that's what's creepy to me.
  • 03:08:42: @geekyjessica Me too! I'm also a secret Shia LaBeouf fan because of Even Stephens. :) Which was on before or after Lizzie I think.
  • 03:21:38: Bed time now. Planning a day of lots of nothing tomorrow. First day without plans in like a month. It'll be lovely.
  • 14:11:12: A little N4G help with our podcast please? http://t.co/dBlkk6O
  • 14:29:46: And approved! Thanks for the help everyone. :)
  • 21:56:17: I earned the Must List Level 3 sticker on @GetGlue! http://bit.ly/kEaSz4
  • 23:13:52: @to_paraphrase Are those barrettes? If so, I NEED ONE!

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