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From Twitter 04-21-2011

  • 12:46:57: RT @SwedishMealTime: BAM http://youtu.be/ykX2_Jh6LFE
  • 13:31:43: Thank you Modern Family - no one from Missouri calls it Missourah.
  • 14:03:04: RT @OfficialSkynet: Formspring, Foursquare, Hootsuite, Quora, Reddit, PSN... All down... And you still doubt me?
  • 15:27:55: Brushing up on my musical knowledge of rhythm and meter. Teaching in two weeks and I need to finish my lesson plans.
  • 16:00:57: Google Docs don't know the word choreographies. Maybe there is no plural of choreography? Doubtful.
  • 16:05:26: @JediJayne Yeah, if I search for choreographies it doesn't seem wrong. Just maybe not a proper dictionary word.
  • 18:42:32: @Chaos_Geek but what if I'm writing more than one choreography? It's also the written thing.
  • 19:54:43: @Chaos_Geek possible, through the online dictionary seems to recognize it as a multiple.
  • 19:55:53: @Chaos_Geek in bellydance we don't usually call them routines.

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