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Tired and Sore, but Good

I've used that title before I think...several times. But, that's pretty much the state of life right now for me. We're still cleaning the house, moving stuff around and generally trying to get it ready. We postponed the walkthrough we had scheduled for last Friday, because we just knew we couldn't get ready in time. For this process it's supposed to be more about the safety of the house, and less about how clean it is -- but we've sort of made it a lot of both. I was feeling super overwhelmed for a few days too. After our family came to help us clean, I felt the house was worse when they left than when we started. Mentally - I knew that wasn't true, that they'd actually done a lot to get us started, but it didn't look or feel that way. So Matt and I made a plan to tackle a few different things, and that seemed to keep up the motivation for both of us.

Our newly scheduled walkthrough with our foster worker is on Monday. Not everything we want to have done, will be done by then, but we know that it's easier stuff that we can do in between our walkthough with her and the actual walkthrough with the health department.

In the free time, which I desperately need in order to not feel so overwhelmed, I've been playing my free copy of Mass Effect 2 on my PC. I hadn't really cared for the first game on the Xbox at all, and thus avoided the sequel. I'd heard that it improved greatly between the two games and thought I might eventually give it a try. Then, in gratitude for DA 2 selling so well, EA just gave away Mass Effect 2 on the PC to those of us that bought DA 2. That gave me the excuse I needed to check it out. And I'm glad it was the PC version, because I really enjoyed it on the PC -- but I'm almost positive that I wouldn't like it on the Xbox at all. I finished my first play through last night. I do see a lot of a re-playability factor for me in the game, at least not as strong of one as with the Dragon Age games, but I'll probably go through it at least once more.

Next I'm going to dedicate some time to The Sims Medieval. I got a review copy, and several of the beginning missions before all the house craziness started. So I need to get back to that.

Also, I have tomorrow off work, and I think I'm going to treat myself to Scream 4 in the theater. I want to see it, and I know Matt has no interest in it at all.


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Apr. 22nd, 2011 01:45 am (UTC)
Hmmm... I bought DA 2 for PC and was aware of no such promotion. Was it a pre-order thing?
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