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From Twitter 04-07-2011

  • 10:10:21: @kweenie I've been having problems with Words With Friends for like a week now. It randomly updates and logs me out all the time.
  • 13:36:55: I won a copy of Deathless and other various things! Very excited. :)
  • 13:38:01: @kristinahorner I have the HTC Hero 4G and love it. It's a little hard on battery power because the screen is humongous. But it's wonderful
  • 15:41:43: RT @stealthyslyth: RT: @SwedishMealTime: Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you...Season 2 starts NOW! http://youtu.be/eCjW0K9sjoc?hd=1
  • 16:04:40: Oh, hi there bad news. :( I'm glad that I've already planned for a massage this evening, now more than ever.
  • 22:13:00: @effulgent_inara @MattParmeter Exciting!

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