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I am excite

Today has been a little less overwhelming. Although, I did just sign up for the First Aid/CPR class that Matt and I need to take for our final bit of Foster Care whatnot that we need to finish. I'm also trying to put together a giant to do list for Saturday. We're having the moms and some friends over to basically scrub this place room by room on Saturday to make sure that we're ready for our walkthrough with our worker next Friday evening. We know the best people.

Anyway. I've been slightly o.O for the past few days and almost legitimately stayed home today just so nothing else would happen if I went into the office. I did stay home but mostly because I couldn't get my ass out of bed this morning (stress makes Elizabeth something something...mostly sleepy). However, good things did happen today.

I won a prize pack of cool things from catvalente that includes not only an ARC of "The Girl Who Circumnavigated FairyLand" but also her new novel "Deathless" which I would've bought regardless when things got a little less crazy around here. I know that the past week or so has been full of exciting things but this is like no strings attached good stuff, which I truly need right now. Regardless of all the work we do in the next two weeks to finish our Foster Care licensing, we still might not get what we're going for. And I'm trying not to think about that part.