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It's happening again. Writer sign-ups are open for the 2nd originalbigbang.

Original Fiction Big Bang 2011 Banner
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Good times.

I'm currently already ignoring my writing for biowarebigbang and scifibigbang.

So my writing to do list (outside of GA stuff) is this:
1: Reverse OFBB story - 1000 words - Art goes up April 3rd, Story due April 22nd
2: Bioware BB - 10,000 words - Rough Draft (8k) June 1st
3: SciFi/Fantasy BB - 25,000 words - Rough Draft July 1st
4: Regular OFBB - 10,000 words - Rough Draft August 12th

Considering au_bigbang again. 15k due around the same time as the SciFiBB. *ponders* I need a writing push and doing these last year, even if they were crap (though I'm proud of my massive DA:O story, crap status aside), was extremely helpful.

Also making lists about things to procrastinate about is procrastinating for the reports at work I'm supposed to be doing right now. So unmotivated today.