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From Twitter 03-08-2011

  • 12:01:01: @xalaga There's trainers, but it's not the same as Maya was. I like it a bit better I think.
  • 12:01:40: Avoided the DA 2 launch last night, so I wouldn't be tempted to play it all night. Going out over lunch to pick up my copy.
  • 15:28:07: @mattfini I picked mine up over lunch, and I badly want to get into it. Must persevere... at least for a few more hours.
  • 15:28:23: Make plans to come to this awesome PAX East panel! New @GamingAngels PAX East Panel: Females on Female Characters http://ht.ly/4alJy
  • 15:29:36: @to_paraphrase You got ADT put in at your hosue?
  • 15:34:48: @to_paraphrase What time are you getting in to KC on Thursday? I want to make sure I'm at the airport early enough to be there.
  • 16:07:39: @to_paraphrase You're coming in on Frontier, right? Our plane leaves at 2:10...so we'll have a little bit of time before we're off again.
  • 17:14:26: @gamingangel Did we get the official rejection?
  • 17:19:23: @gamingangel Did we get any reasons at all?
  • 17:52:15: @to_paraphrase @drmrsthmonarch Stay away from them. No sickies.
  • 18:10:00: @to_paraphrase So, stupid ogre battle, not so stupid in the actual game. Downed him in one, with a mage, and without changing characters.

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