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From Twitter 02-25-2011

  • 02:54:03: 1400ish words about the DA II Demo headed to the site for morning. Yeah, I'm wordy, it's one of the many things to love about me.
  • 11:27:05: RT @marriedgamers: Orcs Must Die! Exec. Producer Chris Rippy Interview http://ff.im/yQh17
  • 12:14:04: has too much Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition and too little time. http://raptr.com/Cherith
  • 15:01:43: Ask me anything http://formspring.me/Cherithe
  • 15:03:50: RT @gamingangel: ooo Angry Birds the table game? Plushies? Steph went to Toy Fair and I want these toys now! http://bit.ly/gkO8kd
  • 15:05:48: What is it about my name that encourages me to always refer to me as "Miss Elizabeth". People have been doing this all my life.
  • 16:14:02: @kweenie An awesome one... :)
  • 16:15:10: @rachelzg I know, and depending on the person saying it, it sounds respectful and not infantile, but still.
  • 16:16:48: I suck. I have been so wrapped up in work and writing and the trip this weekend, I called my Dad he had to remind me it's his birthday. :(
  • 16:45:25: @zenaiah Yeah, that happens a lot with me and Dad. I still feel bad that I had to be reminded. Too much going on today.

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