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Speak no feeling no unbelieving

Interesting articles:

Remember that movie, the Scent of a Woman? Yeah, this article gives that title a whole different meaning. It's interesting, in sort of a didn't we already know that, kind of common sense way, but it's worth reading.

Also, while we're talking about Chicks, man...Check out @Kweenie's exposé of GameCrush - the game while you date (date while you game?) site: Do you want to be my PlayDate? Undercover at GameCrush


OMG! At like 2am last night, I actually found my solo song. Like, I'm sticking with it, I love it a bunch and I'm already thinking up choreography for it. So, that makes me ridiculously happy. I'm trying not to overload on it, because I'm performing with Amy & Zoria this weekend in Des Moines (Madrid), IA. We're doing a slow improv number, so I feel like I need that song in my head first. Hopefully, having found this song makes me finally a bit more productive. I feel like ever since I started looking for song, I'm not getting as much done because I'm rolling through the never ending stream of YouTube videos and songs on Pandora or Last.fm - and I apparently need all my brain power when I'm on the song hunt.

Lovely female singers FTW: Imogen Heap this weekend, and then Sara Barielles & Florence + the Machine for my solo. :)