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Maybe it was the sugar.

Or maybe it was the weird dreams I had last night. Whatever it was, today was definitely a weird day.
Technically the weirdness started last night with a mystery phone call on the second phone line in the house that has yet to be solved.
Last night I had a lot of sugar when I was at Anjie's and we watched the second series of Red Dwarf. I know I had some really bizarre dreams last night, and had I written them down earlier, I would've been able to tell you what happened, but now I have no idea.

Today though I was just full of weirdness. I was mostly chipper although I was extremely tired, and sick feeling from the candy the previous night. I remember watching the Dunbar* delivery driver come into the store and he had to wait for a supervisor to let him into the office, and he just looked so bored and so unaware of everything around him. I imagined a big creature just jumping on him and eating him up. I remember thinking..."Tackle...Snack!" And then I thought what a dork I was. I'm imagining random people just being snacked on by OfficeMax creatures of ceiling lurking...odd.
****For those of you that don't know: Dunbar is one of those armored car money delivering services...

Later in the day I found out that our main store supervisor is being accepted into a managing position in Nebraska and they want her to start as soon as possible. Like May 5th I think is the day they're talking about. And then...one of my favorite associates is leaving that same week to live in California. Leaving the store kinda tottering without main daytime people. Maybe it was all the sugar from last night, but I was having some wild images in my head about the store really falling apart right after we finished all this remodling...as well as images of all sorts of creepy crawlies taking over the store. Maybe I should lay off the sugar for a few years...:)

I bought some new movies yesterday when I was out with Anjie. "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and "Elizabeth". Both of which I've really really really wanted since they came out on DVD. I got Roger Rabbit for $10 bucks too. What a deal. I also had thoughts about randomly purchasing a neat little toy for a certain friends husband. But since she never called me back, he might not get it. It was these really neat 2 action figures from Aliens vs. Predator. 75% off. Making them like $10 bucks. Not a bad deal at Spencer's. OOoh, and also during my shopping excursion I discovered that Cold is coming out with a new cd either next week or the week after. And I didn't know it then, but Fear Factory came out with a new cd last week. Things I also would've told her if she'd called.

The lady about the job never called, but that's to be expected. I'm planning a trip to the college in Warrensburg next week with Dad to sign up, so I'm not getting my hopes up about a killer job.

Hippity Hoppity little brain can't think linear thoughts...
I bought a new cd yesterday by this band called Maroon 5. Very cool kinda jazzy with a bit of that 50's rock flavor with a dash of pop influence. Just the right kind of music right now to keep me in my little upbeat chipper mood that doesn't belong. I don't feel happy, but for some reason that's what I know I act like right now. It's hard to explain.

Anybody want a go at making my website? I suck.