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From Twitter 02-17-2011

  • 11:01:19: Does anyone know if there's anything like http://www.graze.com/ for the states?
  • 11:44:58: Lost money last year at an event, and was told I'd get in free to this year's event instead. Just got news this year's is cancelled. Awesome
  • 12:04:11: .@divegirl808 @stealthyslyth Yeah. At this point, I'm pretty sure I'll never get the classes I actually paid for.
  • 12:13:17: @divegirl808 @stealthyslyth I wish! It's just a local bellydance event. They cancelled a teacher and refused refunds last year. :(
  • 13:32:57: RT @majornelson: This won't last long: Alan Wake full game download code for $4.29 (yes, FOUR DOLLARS and 29 cents) http://mjr.mn/dJiOio
  • 15:24:01: @geekyjessica I so wish I could be there! But KS is just a bit too far from CA for me to make it. :(

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