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From Twitter 02-15-2011

  • 02:19:10: I'm a Fan of Chuck on @GetGlue http://bit.ly/htUwcG
  • 11:01:38: @blackbible Sure thing.
  • 12:44:58: @topify Any reason I'd be getting the same error message email over and over and over again?
  • 14:15:35: @topify Done. I think I've gotten the same error email 25+ times now, so getting that fixed would be awesome.
  • 14:15:55: @jaw6 That is my favorite of the Hipster Ariel meme.
  • 17:27:50: I don't understand what's going on with my work laptop. My keyboard ignores like every other keystroke. Super annoying.
  • 17:28:31: @jaw6 A little of both I think. I'm pretty sure there's a whole website dedicated to them.
  • 21:24:19: @essieteric Congrats!!
  • 21:29:11: Seriously. I do not remember parts of Dragon Age being this tough when I played it through on the 360. PC is getting on my nerves.

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