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I'll have more later

In an effort to close some of the tabs I've been keeping open, I want to get some things out here. I'll be back later with a bigger post, because I've got some stuff I want to say about recent goings on.

Okay, so I posted some good music the other day, and I've got a few more things to share:

Track in the Box posted a video the other day for a Take That song (I know, I know) and I really liked it. I try to listen to every Track in the Box with an open mind, and yes, I liked Take That back in the day (despite being an American where we had NSync and Backstreet Boys to keep us occupied). But, I'm surprised at how much the guys still sound like themselves with a more updated sound - less pop, more I don't know, normal? Something like that. It's worth the listen anyhow.

Also, author Seanan Maguire a/k/a Mira Grant has recorded a new album and it's up on CDBaby: Wicked Girls. If you like Jill Tracy, Dresden Dolls, folksy cabaret type music, check it out.


Other things: I have a new post up on The Foster Years blog. We've had two meetings with our new Foster Care worker, and she's new and young, but she's nice and we got through our Family Assessment fairly painlessly. I'll have another post up in a few days about a change Matt and I are considering from Fostering to Adoption.


On the writing front. I opted not to sign up for spacebigbang so that I could focus on scifibigbang again this year. And the story I had in mind will still work, so there's that. I've been considering biowarebigbang to do another Dragon Age story, but don't have a story idea quite yet, so I've been putting it off. Also, since the Secret Swooper thing over at swooping_is_bad didn't work out for me (I gave but didn't receive) I've been a little 'meh' about writing something else. I know it happens, and I'm not really mad or anything, it just left a bad taste, you know?

Also, originalbigbang is back! And with an earlier Reversebang where artists supply the inspiration for a writer to then write about. It's only 1000 word minimum, so I think it's worth doing. :) Although, I REALLY wish that I could submit a fanmix as an artist. I was excited about putting something together, but it's visual arts only. So, poo.

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Feb. 7th, 2011 09:59 pm (UTC)
Does making cover art for the mix count? My arty days are few and far between, but I <3 making mixes.
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