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I've mentioned that I'm teaching a class on musicality for bellydance in May at Warrior Weekend. I decided that if I was going to teach a class that I should get my shit together and do a solo for the show. Except I'm having a hell of a time deciding on music. I'm doing two songs, the first is a nice slow song about a minute long -- I already have it choreographed and everything. The second song is proving difficult to find, because it not only needs to be more upbeat than the first song, but I'm trying to fit a certain tone. So, my search continues. The good news is that as part of this search, I've come across some pretty awesome music things around these here internets.

Said the Gramophone is a pretty Rocking Music blog. However, that link specifically takes you to their hundred best songs of 2010. I defy you to not find AT LEAST one song on that list that you like. I haven't made it through the whole list yet, but a few of my favorites (non-top-of-the-chart-songs) are:

  • Laura Marling - "Alpha Shallows"

  • Sade - "Soldier of Love"

  • Sam Amidon - "Way Go Lily"

  • Ô Paon - "Sainte Patronne de Rien Pantoute"

Video Links: I also spent some time on YouTube and found Hudson Mohawke (a little 80s synth meets hip-hop) and Clutchy Hopkins (Beats Antique -ish).

And I leave with you with two awesome videos.

Patrick Stump (of Fall Out Boy) doing a Michael Jackson medley a capella style, backed up by his own vocal beats. Pretty awesome. He also did a video mash-up medley of the record of the year nominees.

I watched this guy's comedy special on Comedy Central the other night and laughed harder than I have at a comedy special in a long time. He's smart, clever and puts it into music. Warning though if you go looking for his other stuff, some of you might find it offensive. If you've heard anything Stephen Lynch, Bo's got a very similar style. This video is from the comedy special I watched: "Words, Words Words" (which also the name of one of his songs). I also really like the Catholic Rant.