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From Twitter 02-01-2011

  • 00:30:52: @to_paraphrase Jazz and Piper had a small fight yesterday and in the like 15 seconds before they broke up, she got a claw hooked in his face
  • 00:31:45: @to_paraphrase The vet put a few stitches in, looks like 4 or 5. And he's got to wear the ecollar for 10 days. Mostly I think he's fine
  • 00:37:51: @to_paraphrase They've been a little punchy with each other, but this is the first time there's been more than a small scratch.
  • 01:35:48: has too much Red Dead Redemption and too little time. http://raptr.com/Cherith
  • 10:11:52: Home today to avoid the afternoon snowpocalypse.
  • 10:49:40: This is amazing! RT @mashable: Google Launches Street View for Museums - http://on.mash.to/eyKqWN
  • 15:37:19: Snowpocalypse @mattparmeter http://ow.ly/i/7Kef
  • 15:39:16: Photo: From my back door http://tumblr.com/xho1ehveac
  • 17:10:47: We can't even see the houses on the next street over right now. Good times.
  • 17:56:42: I can't ever remember a time where they've completely shut down the Kansas City airport. It's supposed to snow for another 6-8 hours.
  • 18:06:39: And now they've declared the state of Missouri a disaster area. The feds have officially closed I-70 between Kansas City & St. Louis.
  • 18:06:59: RT @markvanbaale: Added info to KC Winter Storm Google map about the closure of I-70 from KC to St. Louis: http://bit.ly/eWfc6u #kcstorms
  • 18:09:39: .@stealthyslyth We're trying! The hardest thing is getting the dogs in and out - Jazz can't get his stitches wet and there's a foot of snow.

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