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From Twitter 01-18-2011

  • 00:54:06: has too much Red Dead Redemption and too little time. http://raptr.com/Cherith
  • 02:47:35: I'm a Fan of Red Dead Redemption on @GetGlue http://bit.ly/htUwcG
  • 02:49:55: @kweenie Just finished it. Like, JUST.
  • 02:57:36: @kweenie Well, obviously I liked it enough to keep playing. :) I'd been spoiled on the ending, so I knew what was coming, just not how.
  • 03:04:58: @kweenie I don't know, towards the end, I was just so ready to be done with it. Although I think I was eager to find out what happens.
  • 03:05:39: @kweenie Forwarding now.
  • 04:00:05: I unlocked the Long Arm of Marston achievement on Red Dead Redemption! http://raptr.com/Cherith
  • 11:42:49: RT @badbanana: Just had to sharpen a pencil by hand. Thanks for nothing smartphone.
  • 12:20:09: OOooh, last night was a good night to finish RDR (even if I am way behind everyone else). Undead Nightmare in the gold box on Amazon today
  • 12:25:18: @kweenie Undead Nightmare is a standalone disc. So, justifiable. Plus, I'll eventually grab the disc for RDR.
  • 12:52:29: Seriously, there are few things that get on my nerves more than people acting PURPOSEFULLY, stupid.
  • 12:55:37: Extra bonus points for the attention-seeking 'I'm so stupid' comments that go with the willing stupidity. You have a brain. Use it.
  • 14:27:54: @catvalente I feel like I'm ALWAYS fighting with Yahoo to give me my mail.
  • 15:56:14: THIN MINTS have arrived at my desk thanks to a co-worker. <3
  • 16:03:02: @shetiger I time my NOMs so that the boxes I buy last me until the next girl scout cookie explosion comes to town. :)
  • 16:23:21: @shetiger Well, this is why I buy multiple boxes. :)
  • 20:33:54: @divegirl808 I listened to the audiobooks for the three books in the series.

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