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Wherein I take a moment to be a Psych nerd

I posted this link on Twitter yesterday, but I think it's worth sharing here too. OKCupid (yes, the dating site) put together a really decent analysis of how men view attractiveness in women, and how the rating of attractiveness (ugly to hot) effects how often a woman gets contacted on their site.

Psychologically speaking, the results shouldn't be a surprise. The statistical breakdown of what is honestly a fairly large research group, backs up what psychology can explain, and that's pretty cool. You can read the article on the OKCupid blog. While admittedly it's an extreme objectification on the attractiveness of woman, this is the reptile brain results shown mathematically. When men's opinions of how attractive a woman is (ugly '1' to hot '5') vary more drastically (lots of 1's and 5's) the more likely it is that woman is getting more messages than a woman in the average to cute range (3's and 4's). It's an honest to goodness analysis of the theory that men are less likely to approach a woman that they think a lot of other men are interested in.

Now, what I'd love to see is the same analysis for straight men (their research was based on straight women), and then for the GLBT people, though some of those groups would likely be drastically smaller than straight men and women.

I especially liked their little wrap-up at the end: advice to women looking for dates on the internet includes figuring out what some men might consider 'ugly' and play it up (Their examples include: Piercings, tattoos, big noses and being chubby). Which again, psychologically speaking is not a bad idea. What? Be unique? Heavens no.

I should mention that while I was reading this article last night, Matt and I were watching Joseph Campbell's "Mythos I" on Netflix last night. So, my psychology nerd brain was in overdrive. Later, I distracted it with more shiny jewelry bits.