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From Twitter 01-10-2011

  • 10:17:23: It's not really good when you're asked to provide a synopsis of what you do. Worse when it's on short notice. Bad way to start the morning.
  • 11:41:59: "Unsung Video Games of 2010"? Really WSJ? I'm not sure you and I were reading about the same games last year: http://ht.ly/3BerR
  • 20:50:29: @to_paraphrase That sounds adorable!
  • 20:51:46: Dance got cancelled tonight due to snow, so instead @mattparmeter and I are watching Joseph Campbell lectures on Netflix. Nerdy? Yes.
  • 21:06:26: RT @gamingangel: You should listen to the very first episode of @GameDames podcast! http://bit.ly/h27Bab #girlgamer #gamer #epic Congra ...
  • 21:18:32: @kweenie Have you checked how many episodes you have it set to keep? That changes how many you can have before it starts deleting them.
  • 21:19:49: @kweenie It's usually defaulted to 3 episodes before it deletes old ones, but you should be able to change that. Learned that the hard way.
  • 21:20:38: @kweenie Yes, there's still a setting for how many it keeps regardless of how long you tell it to keep them. You have to set it to keep more
  • 21:21:51: @ind1fference I've got Time Warner whatever DVR - there's a specific setting when you set up series, for how many it'll keep at a time.
  • 21:26:40: @kweenie That definitely sounds like a different problem. I just know it's one of those random settings for series people don't know about
  • 21:42:49: Hopefully I'll never need to use this knowledge, but I find it pretty darn interesting -The Mathematics Of Beauty http://okcupid.com/z/ca6n
  • 21:53:48: @kweenie I knew what the breakdown would be, but I liked seeing their analysis behind it.

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