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Writing 2011...in SPACE!

So, I had a really good idea last night for a series I want to work on ...in space. (That'll be part of the name.) But, now my brain is using that phrase on everything, must like you would ...in accordance with the prophecy ...in bed ...your mom ...in theory.

So, we'll see how long that lasts. Today though, I see spacebigbang here on LJ talking about sign-ups happening next week and I'm like - it was MEANT TO BE! ...in space. Space Big Bang is only 8k words, which I feel I'm more than capable of churning out before the end of January, even if sign-ups don't happen until next week. So I'm making notes now, and we'll see if I can get my brain churning on fleshing it out into a real story.


In other news: I took out my eyebrow piercing. It has never healed properly after the allergy/infection set in. In the few days since the hardware came out, it's already healed more than it ever had before. Plus, who knew that the piercing itself would heal up over night? And I have a shit immune system, so that was news to me. It was not really an intentional permanent removal, but I had been thinking about it, and I do think it's for the best. I'll let it get all good and healed (maybe get a tattoo while I wait) and then get it done again. If I can choose what hardware goes in next time, maybe I'll have better luck. If not, I know not to leave it in.


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Jan. 7th, 2011 03:16 pm (UTC)
I've always wondered why they do eyebrow piercings with curved barbells when it's really a surface piercing and really ought to be done with surface piercing hardware. Then again, I'm a jerk about piercings and my opinions on them. ;)
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