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Watched a movie.

Okay so I watched House of 1000 Corpses tonight. I can't say that I liked it, it had a frightening clown in it, and though he wasn't the main attraction, he was there enough to make me nervous. As scary movies go, it was excellent. A interesting take on those really old 'B' horror movies where the people die, and the bad guy lives. I could've done without the masses of weirdo footage, I like my scary movies to be able to show what's going on for more than 3 seconds. It would've been longer, but more scary if the shots of the rooms and the ride, and the house weren't second shots, but more panning. It just felt like a bad music video. It'd be nice to see it redone in a format fit for people with longer attention spans, I guess. However, I'm glad I didn't spend $8 to see it in the theater, that would've been a waste.