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So, for the time being Yahoo will not be closing down Delicious, is encouraging people to continue using it, and looking to try and sell it off to someone else. Based on the conversations I saw on TechCrunch yesterday and today, it's possible it could get snatched up as soon as Yahoo makes it available.

There's a shit ton of conversations happening about alternatives. For the time being, in a non-public space, I migrated my links over to Google Bookmarks (which does not pull in your tags, I learned) and Licorize which COULD be cool, but is only good if you're interested in a private place to mark things. I'll probably take my links over to Diigo (just in case) and then wait to see what happens.

There's a fannish alternative being discussed at deliciouslymad and I hope that they really take the reigns to build a clone (like the DW team did from LJ), even if it's staying open. Even though I haven't migrated there (hello, permanent account) I really appreciate and admire what the Dreamwidth team has built out of the craziness that is LiveJournal. When fandom as a whole gets being a project, it's amazing the things that can happen, and I see something similar as a possibility for a Delicious clone.


While I'm here, I'd like to pretty please ask for some votes for GamingAngels in the Retrovo Awards. We've been nominated for the second year in a row, and we'd like to make that winners two year in a row. All you have to do is click the image, and a vote for GA is automatically registered. THANKS!!